Oxxford has been providing actionable solutions to banking, insurance and financial services clients for over 28 years.
Our philosophy centers solving problems for our clients with our knowledge base, our vast information resources and our analytics. Our client base represents a diverse mix of firms and institutions spanning from small businesses to the largest banks. Our core analytics and processes result from our data analysis and mining on 50 million plus bank customer records. Our team brings a unique blend of skills to our client engagements. Our collective skills and expertise includes econometrics, statistics, customer data integration, software development and marketing honed by decades of experience in serving the banking and financial services industry. Our business information database contains well over 36 million US businesses for 60% more business listings than you will find in our nearest competitor’s offerings. Our unique analytics enable unsurpassed segmentation of business information for banking and financial services — more than 5 times as many data elements than competitors’ offerings.

Ray's Leadership

Mr. Raymond Greenhill’s extensive experience in strategic planning and market research is from his work at Booz-Allen and his position as head of corporate planning at a Fortune 100 company. He is considered an authority on advanced technologies and databases for market segmentation and prospect analysis. Undergraduate: Wharton School; MBA: Harvard Business School.