Trends in Economic, Social, and Geographic Risks
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  • - Weekly number of CD19 cases, hospitalizations, recoveries, and deaths.
  • - Weekly change in visitation levels by activities and destinations including: Retail & Recreation, Park visitations, Workplace, Grocery and Retail Stores, Transit Stations, and Residential Homes.
  • - Detailed information by industry on the potential number of businesses and revenue at risk from current financial, social, and economic changes.
  • - The potential national, state, and county businesses and revenue from economic change.
  • - The weekly trend in business’ sentiments with respect to changes in economics, finances, and methods of doing business due to Corona Virus.
  • – A measure developed by the American Community Survey Census and National Health Surveys indicating the ability of a community to recover from major disasters based on population characteristics and general heath conditions in a census tract.