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Raymond Greenhill, discussing a weak recovery in 2021 (1/14/2021)

To succeed, Biden must create more jobs than any president in recent history

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Small-Business Owners: Don’t Forget Special Pandemic Tax Breaks (8/26/2020)

As permanent economic damage piles up, the Covid Crisis is looking more like the Great Recession

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Economic Recovery Forecast for Small Businesses (7/23/2020)

Raymond Greenhill, discussing impacts and forecasts on small businesses during our current downturn

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Bank Branch Networks (6/25/2020)

Community Resiliency of Bank Branch Networks

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Census Small Business Pulse Survey (6/22/2020)

Cash Availability by Industry May 2 – June 6 Small Business Pulse Survey

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Work From Home (6/3/2020)

Firms Expect Working from Home to Triple (Federal Reserve Atlanta)

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Economic Indexes (6/1/2020)

State Coincident Indexes

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NYS Sales Tax Trends (5/15/2020)

A preview of the fiscal impacts on states from COVID19 using sales tax receipts as one metric is shown below. As NYS distributes sales tax revenues as payments to counties, the fiscal impacts will be felt downstream to local municipalities as shortfalls hit local budgets. We will be working to compile comparable metrics on other states

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